Who are we?


Owner: Kimberley Anderson.

Inspiring you, to be you.

The Grunge Monkey is about having fun with design, building new ideas and products that are both creative and aesthetically pleasing. And fashion is just the method to which we execute those ideas.

Our designs are paramount to our label, we spend hours and hours playing  around with new concepts and objects to make them look pretty...or sometimes dark. Why live a dull life when there is so much beauty all around us to inspire us to create things that look so much more interesting and exciting!

But most importantly we care about...you. It is our mission to make you smile, to inspire you to love yourself that little bit more and live a life the way that you want to, free of trends, social pressure and judgement.

In the hope that the next time you wear a piece of our clothing that it reminds you how wonderful you are, just being you <3